Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DONE: Kitchen Window Shade

I made it to Ikea last week and looked at all the four fabrics I talked about before, HERE. And chose Option 2.

Cecilia fabric didn't make the cut because it was too thin and would have needed lining. Ikea Stockhold Blad was a strong contender (especially when Amelia suggested I use fabric markers to customize it!), but I felt like it was turning into a more complicated project than I was hoping to do. I am keeping the fabric markers idea in the back of my mind for future project, it's just SO cool.

The fabric I chose, I feel, is perfect. I agree with Guilia's comment that it picks up counter and wall colours to perfection. And I love the pop of green. It is my favourite colour right now.

The shade was installed using a generic $6 tension rod and a thin piece of trim at the bottom to hold the fabric from bending. Nothing super fancy, it took me about an hour to sew, iron out and hang the entire thing. However, as I'm not the greatest sewer, I would like to take it down and fix a few mistakes :) All in all, it was an inexpensive non labour intensive project with huge impact!

You can see photos of the kitchen without the shade HERE. It never seizes to amaze me how cozy a room feels once there's something up on the windows.
You  might also notice that I've change the art to the left of the window. The black in the flower painting was too much. I replaced it with a sweet watercolour by Jennnifer Allevato purchased on etsy. I love how delicate it is.
As you can see, the kitchen is very left heavy. Without a backsplash it still looks bare, not the layered look I'm hoping for. I have a few more pieces of art I'm hoping to hang on the right wall above the coffee maker that might help balance things a bit.

In other kitchen news, toekicks got installed!! But that's a whole different post.

PS. One day I might bite the bullet and make a proper shade, like the PROS


  1. With your speed and sewing skills, you could have made two! And then change them up from time to time:)
    Great choice and good job, as always!
    P.S. Where did you get that salad-like plant in the right corner?

    1. it's a fiddle leaf fig tree and I got it at Ikea for $14.99! Absolute score, if only I can keep it alive and well :)

  2. That shade looks fantastic!Beautiful finish to your kitchen.


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