Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Headache: Throw Pillows

I don't pretend to be good at "design" or whatever else we want to call it. But because I read a lot of blogs by designers and all around talented people, the least I can do is heed their advice and copy their approaches!
Especially when it comes to throw pillows.

Now that we have finally gotten our act together and began decorating the living room, I needed to figure out the throw pillow situation. I'm not into anything matchy matchy, so I wanted a collected look that wasn't boring. Basically I'm approached this project as a challange to push myself creatively and see what I have really learned by reading all these blogs over the last 4 years.

If and when I fail, please be gentle! :)

Anyway, things I learned are:
1. don't have too many pillows, less is more
2. vary size
3. vary fabric pattern scale
4. vary texture
5. stick to a few colours only

The posts that brought me to these conclusions are THIS ONE by AB Chao and THIS ONE by Emily Henderson. Emily even did an awesome video on this very topic. Still, I was impersonating a deer-in-headlights at the local Fabricland, and had to go at least a few times to return/pick up supplies before I was comfortable and confident with my choices.
Some of the pillowcases I bought from Fabricland (on sale, yes!), but majority I plan to make with fabrics from my stash using THIS envelop pillow tutorial. Wish me luck!

What's your secret to choosing throw pillows??

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