Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughts on Holiday Party Hosting

Last night I stole away for an hour to browse through HomeSense. I was looking for table decor inspiration. But found that nothing really made my heart sing. Nothing made me want to take out my wallet and drag things home.

Which means that table decor (for a party I"m hosting) will have to come from things I already have on hand. I think I"m up to the challenge. I think...
I'll do my best to document how things turn out. But the way things look right now, there's going to be a lot of repurposing of random things and pulling rabbits out of hats.
For now, some thoughts:
- When I grow up big and strong I want to have proper cloth napkins and napkin rings (not to mention table cloths) and all will be right with the world.
- Speaking of having proper things, our dishes have seen better days, so raid my mother's pantry I will for mismatched sets of tea cups and saucers. And anything else that she's willing to give up.
- Our fir tree and hedge are due for a trim. No, really. Bring on the free greenery!
- Run to HomeDepot or Loblaws I will for seasonal flowers. I might even pot a few bulbs to enjoy over the holidays.
- Hosting parties is a lot of effort, but also tons of fun. Must make having fun priority. And relax. And stop being a control freak.
- And never forget that the holiday gift list is yet to be touched. That's right. Thanksfully, hubby and I are not much into buying each other fancy gifts, so its usually just family and kiddo.
- Speaking of the kiddo, it's incredible how many people come into your life when you have a kid. And how much you want to celebrate the holidays with all these lovely people. And watch your calendar fill up to the brim.

How are your holiday preparations going? Is your tree up yet? Do you wait until later in December to decorate? Do you have any tips on hosting parties this time of year?

I'd love to get through the holidays with my sanity intact.

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  1. Well, we just hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 15 adults and 6 kids, so in fact I do have some party hosting tips to share. Everything that can possibly be done far in advance should be done far, far in advance. Set the table at least a day before. Make a master to do list to keep track of everything. Don't be afraid to ask guests to bring stuff - for example, we needed 5 more chairs and a lot more side dishes, so folks were happy to chip in. Good luck, it's well worth it.


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