Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Progress

I find that taking picture is directly related to how much work I do. As in, the more gets done around the house, the less time (or the less quality light time) I get to take photos.

I'm checking these little project off our ToDo-before-Christmas list:
1. Pillows got made, and now I"m addicted to making more.
2. A gallery wall is in the making.
3. The final 10 sq feet of hardwood got installed on the main floor (I cannot believe we're THIS CLOSE, to being completely done with hardwood. One bedroom left!).
4. Useless closet space got turned into an amazingly organized pantry (I've been dreaming of this for 2+ years now).
5. Our new couches got new legs (after I took these photos)!
6. We love our coffee table

And while SO SO SO many things got done this weekend, all I have for you are these photos. Happy Monday, I"m having a GREAT one. Hope so are you!


  1. I hear you about taking photos in the lame light. It’s a challenge to take good images with such a short daylight span!
    Your progress looks great though! I love the couch legs as is.:)
    They match the floor and table top, no?

  2. Awesome - it must feel so good to have accomplished so much!

  3. great progress! aww and your baby is beautiful too!


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