Friday, December 7, 2012

My B-day Weekend


This weekend is my birthday. One year away from the big 3-0. Not that I'm overly concerned about that. But I might be, once I'm a few glasses into my champagne bottle :)

I will be celebrating with a large Sunday brunch and I'm infinitely excited about it. Hubby and I have put in a lot of work over the last month to finish up projects around the house and we're very excited to feel more and more settled in with our renos.

So this weekend we're not only celebrating getting older and wiser (ha ha), but also our progress with our home.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday to you - such a young age ;)

  2. Thank you, Guilia. I definitely feel like there's a ton of things to look forward to, be that young age or attitude. It's a good birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Babe!

    Eat a piece of cake for me. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday - you're so young! ;)

  5. Happy SUPER DUPER Belated!
    Boy am I behind...(blushing, looking down at feet)


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