Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Do You Talk to Your Kids About Food?

 What kind of mother would I be if I didn`t take every single opportunity to brainwash my child! Ok, I kid, but only slightly. This week I have been very sick at home. Today, thankfully, I`ve been able to at least get out of bed and do more than hide under the covers and cry into my pillow. And today our daycare had an emergency that necessitated that Miss C come home. And I wasted no time, even in my awful state, to brainwash her little mind.
We have been gifted all these plastic food items that Miss C LOVES to play with. While I was in the kitchen making us lunch she kept bring "food" for us to snack on. And I made a game out of it. We talked about how healthy each item is and why. Fruits, veggies and protein went into our `good`pile. Donuts, pizza and low quality grains went into the unheathy pile.

So I`m curious, how do YOU talk to your kids about food choices? I figure she's at daycare and will be at school soon enough, I need to get a head with this part of the program.

PS. I'm dying to watch THIS documentary, Shannon's post alone is a must read!
PSS. THIS is the general philosophy of food we try to follow at our house. We aim for 80% of the time.
PSSS. Yes, chocolate is in the "good" pile. But only the quality kind. Gotta live a little!

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  1. When Pea was a few years younger, she had a similar set but with way more junk food. I threw away (ahem, recycled) the "low value" foods, so she only played with a nutritious selection.

    She's now in kindergarten and they have a great program teaching "stoplight" eating. The kids are told which foods are good (green), best in moderation (yellow), and only for the occasional treat (red). I've been surprised how much she references it. She's really thinking about her choices.


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