Wednesday, February 20, 2013

17+ Weeks

On a lighter note, 17+ weeks baby belly. My little sidekick is living up to its nickname and kicking up a storm.

The polka dot pants are NOT maternity pants. They are from UNIQLO, $20. The elastic band at the back makes them comfortable and did you notice the price? Can't beat that! I'm thinking a few more pairs in spring colours are in order.

Something I hate, but want to share. I'm closely watching my weight this time around. With Miss C I gained a hefty 35lbs and it was A LOT for my 5' frame. Right now I'm being more conscious of my weight gain. My approach is that I'm much more selective of what I eat and when I'm full. But I would never let myself go hungry. So at 17+ weeks I have gained 10lbs. I"m aiming for the 25-30lb range. We'll see how things go.


  1. You look so cute! I gained exactly 22 pounds with each of my pregnancies, but I was on a gestational diabetes diet for both. I never managed to loose the last 5 pounds after the first, so it truly was 27 pounds the second time around :) and I have not lost the last 5 after the second, so that's still 10 more than I started out with...ha,ha...


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