Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Style Evolution

I have about a half dozen posts brewing in drafts that I am unable to finish for various reasons. Probably because my mind has been completely preoccupied with the townhouse. Yes yes, the townhouse. More specifically, the grand scheme for the townhouse. The mood board, if you will.

If you've been reading this blog for some time you are probably convinced that our style is predominantly modern, very clean and simple. And it is. However, maybe because this year I'm turning the big 3-0 or with the birth of our second baby, I'm leaning more towards a traditional aesthetic with the townhouse.

The more I look at the floorplan, think about our life going forward, time I spend on Pinterest, the more I realize that I've hit a wall with "modern". I still like it for its clean and simple appearance, but what I'm really craving is a lot more texture, history, imperfections.

And while true traditional style will never be our cup of tea, I've been able to find a designer who's style, personality and values I am completely on board with.
These images are of a rowhouse that Lauren Liess, of Pure Style Home Blog, designed. And I love it so completely I could look at these images for days.

I have been following Lauren's blog for quite some time and have been in awe of her talent and pure kindness that radiates from her posts. The feelings that her spaces evoke are what I want our home to feel like. Authentic, natural, simple, luxurious, with history and personality and quirk.

I don't think even a year ago I would have appreciated this particular take on designing interiors. But I feel that my style, and our style, is quietly evolving. We've become more into decorating with Miss C's art, handmade Persian kilims and luxury of simplicity. Going forward I feel that we will be more and more moving into this direction and away from the too clean aesthetic of modern.

It almost feels like we're maturing in our tastes to something more personable, that reflects our experiences and the diversity of emotion. Is that too much to say about interiors?? ha!

So, tell me, has your taste/style evolved over time?? And how?? Or am I the only one??

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  1. Very well said, Natash, of course we all grow and change our views and preferences.
    I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I can’t picture little ones with their sticky hands (or with snack in their hands) in the interiors with beige/white furniture and light rugs like on these images. I find how you’ve decorated your condo is much more kid friendly and still very stylish.


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