Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Layered Window Treatments for Playroom/Miss C's Room

 We are yet unsure if the kids will continue to share a room (I know, our mind changes weekly) or if they will each get their own room. Regardless of what we do, one bedroom will get window treatments meant for Miss C. This room will be hers down the road and so I want the expensive work to be done with her in mind.

The room has a gorgeous huge window, but it is off center and doesn't really allow for curtains. I've been staying up nights thinking of how to make the window treatments here work and I think I've come up with a plan.

As soon as we move in the window will get blackout roller blind (layer 1). These will be for night time to block out the light from the street.

When budget allows I would like to add roman blinds to the window (with a simple liner just to protect the blind fabric from burning out in the sun). I would like the blind to fit outside the window, right on top of the window frame. In my mind's eye the blind will let some light in and will be used during the day, and generally act all pretty.

But I couldn't rest because these two layers still felt not enough. Something was missing! Until I realized that a cornice would perfectly balance out the shape of the room, give a little glamour and make curtains completely unnecessary.

That's the plan for now.

My brain is beginning to hurt from trying to work out the budgets and timelines for things. This stuff is not cheap (understandably) so I need to figure out things that will be phase 1, 2, 3... and 10. But it feels good to have a plan in place! (plan A that is, I gotta keep it real and allow room to roll with the punches).


  1. Those look elegant, very nice. I'm in the search for nursery curtains fabric and you'd think it would be easy to choose but my mind is boggling with options! if you have any suggestions, please share:) Can't wait for your fabrics research for Miss C's room.

  2. N_StyleingwithChildrenFebruary 26, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    when in doubt go solid?? :) but it depends so much on everything else going on in the room...

  3. You know what? That's actually a very good idea, there will be other things to lay the eye on, so those can stay simple. Are you getting the roller blind at Ikea? - I like that idea too, we have white plastic blinds which I hate, so this could be a great solution.

  4. N_StyleingwithChildrenFebruary 26, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    I've bought the blackout blind at Ikea and to tell you the truth was completely disappointed. It is plastic and was such crappy quality in terms of mechanism (it was in our very first townhouse so it might have changed). We have blackout blinds from Blinds to Go. A little more expensive, but not THAT expensive. And they work like a charm (and I use them 17 times a day at least). Def worth the investment if you're staying in this home. Or you could also add living to your curtains... and go without the blind.


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