Monday, March 17, 2014

Not a White Kitchen

Next week hubby and I are finalizing our colour selections for the townhouse. We have visited the design centre a few times to pinpoint exactly what we wanted. And, boys and girls, we have settled our minds on a medium gray kitchen. The colour they call "putty" has nice warm green undertones that are hard to capture by a phone camera. So I give you the image above as a close enough example. 

The problem with this cabinet colour is that it doesn't work with the granite that I had my heart set on.
This faux marble granite was a relatively inexpensive upgrade from the granite we got as part of our deal. Unfortunately it is too gray (not enough white or cream) and the gray is too blue to work with the gray/green of the cabinets. The only cabinets this granite worked with were white or black, and neither one of us felt super excited about either one of those choices. I mean, we meant to get a white kitchen, but somehow in the showroom the white felt flat and a little boring. I was completely surprised at myself. Seriously, I thought I had this all figured out. But I guess you never know.

I should also say that since we chose the kitchen for our condo last year the builder has signed a new contract with the cabinet makers and there are now at least 4, if not more, excellent grays to choose from. Not to mention at least 10-15 other colours, including 3 whites. Which I think is such a great option to have. 

In the end we needed to decide whether we wanted to keep the faux marble counter or the putty cabinets.
We were able to find a quartz counter that was light and warm and went really well with the cabinet colour. I am a little concerned that it will show every single crumb and that will drive me insane. On the other hand, it will lead to a cleaner kitchen, he he. Also, this quartz (compared to other, busier options) will give the 9foot island a clean look that I'm after. I'm not 100% set on this counter, so things might still change. We will see next week!
As for the hardware we have settled on all knobs. As much as I'm digging the cup pulls, I feel they are a trend that I might not want to live with 5 years down the road. If this was an older home they would feel more authentic. In our townhouse I think they will just be trendy.
My hope is to replace them with these Kohler knobs at Christmas time. A gift to myself because these guys are not cheap! I have found them at half the price in the US, and will keep my eye out for sales. But these would be my ultimate knobs that I will love forever. Geometric, simple, but solid and SO AMAZING!
See?!! They are absolutely gorgeous. Completely different look than what I"m going for in my own kitchen... but gorgeous.


  1. ramblingrenovatorsMarch 22, 2014 at 8:33 AM

    I like the grey green cabinets. They're interesting without being too bold. Just a word on the quartz countertop pictured. The quartz with translucent flecks might look like the edges are chipped in certain light. A kitchen planner taught me that.

  2. N_StyleingwithChildrenMarch 22, 2014 at 9:50 PM

    thanks for the tip! :)


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