Monday, March 24, 2014

Townhouse: Contraband Photos of Drywall and Insulation

These are contraband pictures as we're not supposed to actually go into the unit. But we do. And we are excited every time we visit. There's new things done and it give us a sense of how our home will feel. Not having a finished model home to refer back to is a pain. But also a blessing. We don't have other people's tastes imposed on us. So it is a clean slate. Scary and exciting all the same.

These pictures are what cartoons and toys will get you for 15 min of quiet time in the car. Taking turns running in and seeing firsthand the progress.

A reminder of what the floor plan is like.
Welcome to our home. This is the view from the front door. Our foyer is narrow and long, but I don't think I mind that at all. The closet is a good size and there are some great nooks that I've got tons of ideas on how to make feel homey and gorgeous (and kid friendly). Over time, of course, over time.
Up the stairs and onto the main floor. Our patio doors let in a ton of light. The balcony will be just beyond the glass.
 The view of the dining room and the top of the stairs from the kitchen.
 From the top of the landing, a view towards the back of the townhouse. The kitchen is in the middle of the floor, with the living room just beyond.
Living room view from the stairs to the upper floor. Digging how huge those windows are.
 Over the living room we have the little boy's room.
And the 4 going on 14 little girl's room. She's a handful these days and I can't wait to get her room all fancied up. This room is our priority #1. That huge window makes me almost jealous.
 The right side of the master bedroom. The back wall where our bed will go.
 The left side of the master bedroom where the PAX closet will go.
 Back on the ground floor, view from the stairs into the foyer.
Around the corner from the foyer is the family room.
View from the family room back into the foyer. That little hallway is all sorts of awkward. Don't I know it too. The doorway on the right leads downstairs into the basement. Thank God for tons of storage and a makeshift future gym!
View foyer into the family room. That awkward hallway. How I love your imperfection. I almost want to pinch your cheeks!

I hope you're not too bored by this tour. I will update the photos as much as I can (or as much as we're able to sneak into the unit).

Tomorrow we go to pick out our final finishes. Our "designer" has requested that we come in a half an hour early to make sure we're done by the time they go home. We are THOSE clients, the troublesome clients. We also bring coffee and donuts for the entire office to soften them up to our inquiries and requests.

Wish us luck tomorrow.

By the way: Maple or Oak for the hardwood floors???? (natural finish no stain).


  1. Looks very promising, I love all the light!:)

  2. Giulia@audrey74.comMarch 25, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    Looks great. Great to have this pictures to compare once you are moved in and walls are painted. I would vote for oak - it's my peference. We had natural maple (new install) in our last house and I found it scratched easily. We have 60 year old oak in our current house and it's holding up super well, no issues with scratches or anything. However, it is busier with it's grain - but I personally like it.

  3. N_StyleingwithChildrenMarch 25, 2014 at 7:43 PM

    Guilia, we went with oak! :) We had it before and thought we'd try something different, but so far everyone's opinion has been that maple is so unpractical with kids/pets. So we went with oak :)

    Signed everything today. Such a weight off our shoulders!

  4. I second on Oak! It is way too better than maple. Nice pictures of a step by step drywall insulation ! Looks like it is going to turn out to be a perfect room.


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