Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The View

There are drawbacks and benefits to building in a new development. First off... you’re living in a construction zone for a while. This means construction traffic, noise and general mayhem are your neighbours. Also, empty lots to look at and inability to put up a fence/do anything major to the back yard right away.

The GOOD thing about going into a neighbourhood early is that you have an opportunity to choose a lot with perks. Usually, the later on you go, the more likely it is that the lots with perks have all been sold. There are things to consider here that escaped us at first, things like: (1) traffic flow (we wanted a really low traffic corner); (2) depth of lot (we were looking for a more, rather than less, sizable backyard); (3) no neighbours (on at least one of three sides).

As much as looking at construction for a few years is undesirable (and we’ve been doing enough of that already), getting an awesome lot is (I hope, at least) totally worth it.

This view out the side of the house (dining room) makes my heart happy every time.

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