Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Community Park

Last week I attended a town hall meeting to discuss the future “park” in our new community. The location was packed, packed with parents who cared about what this park will be. These people all had kids, various ages. We were all there, hoping to have bought a home on a street that would give our children a childhood to remember.

I also met a woman who lives in a house that sits directly across the street from our future home. She told me about her two girls, youngest being exact same age as my little girl. She told me that she was hoping for more families with kids to buy on the street so that her girls could meet kids to make friends with, to ride bikes with, to share secrets with and have sleepovers with and have a childhood to share with.

She almost brought me to tears.

That night I went home, elated.

Making this huge change for us felt right from the start, I knew in my bones it was right, and that night I felt like I had my validation.

Our girls may become best friends, or they may not. But the fact that we’re moving into a community (the type of community we searched high and low for) with other like-minded parents is a good indication of wonderful things to come.

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