Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Architectural Details - Transom Window

HERE - imagine this + full glass double doors
I tried to add architectural details here and there to make the house unique. Some things needed to be done right away at the building stage (like reworking the kitchen floor plan), other things I knew we could technically do later, but I pushed for upfront. This is the case with a transom window over the den doors. 

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but in general terms, we have a den (piano room) that is right off the foyer. The front door has a transom window above it and is full glass, while the den double doors were zero glass and zero transom windows. Making them shorter than the front door, and decidedly gloomier. 

After a lot of back and forth with hubs, we asked the builder to put in double glass doors and a transom window in the den. The rational side of me knows that we could have done this change ourselves, but the emotional side knows even better that we’re at a stage in life where we can’t handle even a little bit of construction. So we caved.
HERE - I love how the door frames line up and use the ceiling height to full advantage
I’m beyond excited about this, as you can imagine. I’m picturing a real piano in natural wood (vs. the semi-electric one we have right now). A huge gallery wall behind the piano. Deep green walls. A bookshelf and one or two comfy chairs for reading. I’m debating painting ceiling the same deep green as the walls. It will be spectacular.
HERE - that dark, warm moss green is calling my name
And because I can’t actually put this plan in action for a while still, I’m writing about it to feel like I’m making SOME progress at least.


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