Friday, August 5, 2016

Plans for Miss C's room

I have been trying very very hard to not buy anything for the house before we move in. Other than the sofa and a few practical things that needed replacing, there is nothing new coming into the house with us (and we've selling quite a few things we already have). I am holding my ground and want to live in the house before making decisions. Even if it is killing me right now.

However, as much as I want to keep to this strategy, some things will need to be fast-tracked for practicality. Like I said before, one of the very first spaces that I would like to tackle is Miss C's bedroom. I really want to make sure she settles into the new home well, that she is secure and comfortable. As a sensitive child, I'm worried most about her emotional state during yet-another move. Thankfully, our little boy is much younger and much easier in this regards. So I anticiapte he will handle the move with more ease. (hoping he's not out to prove me wrong).

We already have a bed + a desk. A few weeks ago we came across a desk chair that we both loved at HomeSense. It was around C's birthday and the grandparents jumped on the opportunity to get her something practical. There is also a metal shelving unit in her current bedroom that I'm considering re-using, but I've postponed that decision until we try it in the space.

Miss C, being your regular average 7 year old, has thrown a curveball into my original plan for her room. Now this girly girl, who used to live in twirly dresses, wants blue, wants to wear a baseball cap and shorts. Which is awesome, I love me a sporty girl, but I was so in love with my original ideas that I'm having a bit of a hard time switching gears.

My original plan had stars on a blush pink ceiling, brass curtain rod/rings and white curtains. I was also thinking to spraypaint her bedframe gold :) simple yet opulant, combination of images above and below:
well... she's not having any of it...

For you moms of girls, if you want a pink room, do it while they are little, like really little :) I've gotten some of the pink out of my system via C's current bedroom though...oh and the one before that one too :) so even though the soft blush would have been gorgeous, I think I'm ok with the direction she wants to take.
Sept 2014 - surprisingly livable full on pink room, all four walls
 March 2013 - see what I mean? pink tutu!!! oh... those were the days!
So, yes, blue. Taking a page out of every design book I'm doing everything semi neutral and will bring in blue with the accents only. Just in case she ever changes her mind to... green, black or back to pink :) although... now that I think about it, a pale blue room may be fun for a few years :) after all, it's just paint...

Right now I'm desperately searching for a rug. It needs to be big (8by12) and wool, with a light background and enough blue to get C's ok. Once I've got the rug in place, everything else will come together. I hope.

Wish me luck :)

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