Thursday, January 26, 2017

Miss C's room - in Progress

It's been an adventure to reconcile my taste + family budget with what Miss C has asked for for her room. Especially when taking into account more of a long term plan for a room that will inevitably change as Miss C grows.

Taking direction from her singular instruction: "I want a blue room", I took a fairly interpretive approach to decide on a wallpaper and a rug that would be the main pieces and let everything else sort of figure itself out.

The plan was:
1. leave walls white
2. paint ceiling, closet and closer door blue
3. get a rug with blue in it
4. get wallpaper with blue in it
5. use as much of existing furniture as possible
6. throw up lots of art - specifically Miss C's art - on walls

The wallpaper had to have blue in it, but also have other colours to give us flexibility down the road to change things up. So as you can tell, I didn't go all blue and frankly blue is quite a small portion of the overall look. I'm hoping that once the room is more finished it will be enough blue for Miss C and not too much blue for me.
On a rainy day this past fall my mom came over and we put up this wallpaper, all by ourselves. It being our first time hanging wallpaper and all. And I have to say it was much much easier than I expected it to be! Because the wallpaper was only 18" wide and was made out of thick paper it was sturdy easy to shift and match the pattern. The whole thing went off much better than I expected. I was super thrilled with the results. Now I want to #wallpaperallthethings!
So thrilled that I even pushed my tired self to use the remnants in the closet. Everybody says it, but I'll repeat, it's all in the small details. The details that we have to push ourselves to consider and implement when the bulk of the hard work is done and we're just so tired and want it all over. Push through it, says-the-person-who-has-the-hardest-time-doing-it-herself. But honestly, push through it and put in the extra 20 min. The results will wow you. I smile every time I open the closet door.
We have started putting art up on the walls. Little by little collecting pieces that have that colourful-young vibe, things that will hopefully grow with her.

Here's a more recent shot of the room where you can see a bit of the rug. Where you can also see more of the wallpaper wall and where Miss C pushed her bed into the corner (all by herself!). To my complete and utter horror. Joking. But only somewhat.

Today the nightstand is back in it's rightful place in the corner and those frames are centered over the bed once again. Miss C moving things around has been an interesting experience. As much as design is my happy non-mom-non-wife-non-employee place, she's got her own point of view for me to take into account. A point of view that I want to nurture.

Things left to do:
1. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to paint the ceiling blue - terrified of painting it with all that wallpaper up
2. Closet is still not blue
3. Miss C's art collection representation is spotty
4. And the most glaring piece missing are the curtains

I have to say that the wallpaper on one wall feels unfinished. The window draws you in and the wallpaper is somewhat of a very-expensive-and-very-permanent afterthought. I hope curtains and more art will help mitigate this. Fingers crossed. Remains to be seen.

I'm also regretting agreeing to this bed frame. The bed/wallpaper situation could be so much better with a solid headboard. And the flow of the room would be much better if the bed had no footboard. It feels silly to buy a new bed when this one is fine, if not aesthetically perfect. But it is something that is driving me crazy. A lot.
Great thing about the headboard - she's got an awesome place to display her toys. And after all, what's my OCD compared with her joy, right?