Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Musical Beds

My Little Dude started climbing out of his crib this week. We have been waiting for and dreading this moment. We have decided to keep him in his crib (which he LOVES) until he doesn't want to sleep there any more. He has started climbing out of it, only to get more toys and gets right back in for him nap (thank heavens). But we are worried about him falling and hurting himself, so giving him the option to sleep in a toddler bed now is a must.

Our plan for the new house was that Little Dude would get the toddler bed that Miss C has been sleeping in. And Miss C would get a new double bed. Looks like our plans have to be fast tracked to right this weekend.

Unfortunately, all the beds I've been looking at are either astronomically expensive (for a child's room) or don't come in a double. We don't want a single/twin bed because we would like to have an extra sleeping space for when we're hosting relatives.

And so... to Ikea for the LEIVRIK bed we're going. I like it for practical reasons (metal vs. MDF), but I also really like the look of the headboard. My idea for Miss C's room is whimsical, fairy tale, soft and calm. And the design of the headboard works well with what I'm envisioning. What I don't like about the bed is the foot board. I find high foot boards to be annoying, blocking out space in rooms, etc. But considering the super reasonable price point (compared to other metal double beds out there, and considering the US exchange rate right now) LEIVRIK is our winner.

I still have to vet this choice by my opinionated 6 year old, but I have a feeling she's going to be on board.
I love how this room is so thrown together and casual. It is from THIS web magazine, but I can't, for the life of me, find the specific house tour it's from.

I think this room is a great example of how to make a generic-everyone-has-one Ikea bed look cozy and have personality. They did get rid of the tall foot board here, but I think even with the foot board in place, the bed is still pretty fantastic for the price.

My dream choice would have been THIS bed from west elm. I'm always torn between finding something different and unique and just going for the dependable Ikea. In the end I think I've figured out other ways of making Miss C's room extra special, and the bed can take a back seat and be a good basic piece that doesn't destroy the budget.

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