Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bare Bones

Great Room overseeing the park
view towards the kitchen and breakfast rooms
We had our walk through for the electrical a little while back, it has made this home feel so much more real, and so much more us. I feel like wrapping my hands around it and hugging it close.

At the 11th hour we decided to add a transom window to the double doors to the den (not in these photos). I have been trying to add little details throughout the house, or plan for them to be added in the future, to give the space character and soul (as much as you can with a new build). I’m really excited to see it all come together.

Beyond construction, I have been dreaming up how we would like the space to look and feel, decor wise. Most decisions will not be made until months after we have moved in, we want to live in the home to get a better feeling for what will work and what will not. But there are a few spaces that we will need to address right away: (1) foyer, (2) breakfast nook, (3) Miss C’s room; (4) master walk in closet. I’m thinking lots of wallpaper, lots of Ikea hacks, a few custom pieces and a lot of family mementos.

As a sneak peek I’ll share that I’ve ordered the Pajarito wallpaper from Hygge&West (in copper). I am beyond excited to use it.

I'm working on finalizing plans for the four spaces I mentioned above. I've got a lot of things decided for Miss C's room and foyer, and nothing at all for the breakfast nook, or the walk in closet. Lots to do and think about. I'm not complaining, this is my favourite part. 

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